Subliminal Lacerations

by Opiate Birth

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Subliminal Lacerations is the first official release from industrial noise artist Opiate Birth. With lyrics pertaining to remorse, personal anguish and complete necrosis of the mind, this is new territory explored by experimental artist Zachary Lindsay.

The album is split into three sections to create an overall unique listening experience.

1. "In Search of Human Flesh" and "Sacrificed" deal with the personal matter of remorse and confessing past actions through a form of interior monologue.

2. "Through Rocks and Pillars" and "Broken Spine" are both large compositions and polar opposites. The first approaches real human elements, while the second attacks with repeated sadomasochism punishment in terms of repetitive sound.

3. "Total Decay" and "Pain in Mind" correspond with continual neurosis of the human brain. Nothing makes any sense anymore. Only deluded fragmented recollections of what used to be.

Digital download of the album comes with full artwork, including 6 pieces of special additional artwork to accompany each of the tracks on this release.


released October 24, 2014

Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by Zachary Lindsay

Special thanks to Resonant Serpent for the additional mixing and mastering process of this release.



all rights reserved


Opiate Birth San Antonio, Texas

Opiate Birth is a Texas based industrial noise project composed by Zachary Lindsay (Volcanic Queen, Pure Inside The Living Light)

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Track Name: In Search of Human Flesh
Try a different set of rules
Another set of exercises
If you don't close your eyes
You will be unable to see
Feed me
Taste me
Stimulate my senses
This body
This world
Is forbidden
Trying a different set of exercises
Trying a different set of rules
Control my hunger
Lacerate my hunger
Everything is beneath the surface
This reality
This place
No more
I feel his presence before me
My master
Slaying shadows
They're calling me
Our silent servant
Seal this world
A gaping hole
Crashing, crushing
A pile of bones
We feel the need
A need for his presence
Stress in focus
With this dagger
Forever cloaked in fear
Track Name: Sacrificed
We created substance
It evolved
This life is something new
A different kind of creature
A conscience
What's the difference
If God appeared before me
And gave me a set of rules
I would think it through
Even if my body is a temple
It will eventually fall apart
I kept these pictures hidden away
Your smile
Brought me closer to the light
I know I've failed you
Wishing I would've lied to protect you
This thing inside of me
It never sleeps
It's swallowing me whole
There is no return
I'm sorry...
Track Name: Through Rocks and Pillars
Don't let time cause me harm
Even through these rocks and pillars
You'll find nothing
Track Name: Broken Spine
Take my spin
Take this relic
It's tearing my soul apart
Track Name: Total Decay
Waiting for this night to pass over
There is no end in sight
My reflection sits among darkened waters
Time passes as I wait in silence
Remembering what was evident
Waves of emptiness penetrated right through me
Leaving a picture of total decay and eventual nothingness
Track Name: Pain in Mind
I've seen this place before
Nothing like what it used to be
There is blood all over the mirrors
Fragments of what used to be
My face is beginning to deteriorate
Wearing masks to satisfy these compulsions
Sounds from within my mind
Pulsing throughout like hidden fire

There are secrets contained in every movement
Every breath brings me closer to death
This faded light fell from within my grasp
Now eternal darkness courses through my veins

No rules
No weight
No boundaries
No empathy

Let's make a trade
Let's have a heart to heart
This knife behind my back
Will expose fabrication from within your throat